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Titolo: The Sacred modeling of the body
Autore: Este Uan Lis

Pagine: 148
Formato: cm 12×16,5
Data pubblicazione: Aprile 2021
Genere: Channeling
Numero di Collana:


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The Sacred Modeling of the Body is a Book of Connection with one’s real Integrity, which lays the foundation for one’s rebirth in the “Body of the New Earth”.
With a clear, practical and intuitive style, the reader is accompanied in the Individual Creation of his New Body Model, which revolutionizes and makes obsolete the unconscious modeling with which physical experience has been restricted and limited compared to its Original Design.
Prepare to become an attractor and emanator of perceptions that have never previously been channeled into the body and which are Passions of Living.
In the book there are transmissions and messages from the Crystalline Council.
Their rhythmic and fascinating temperament, bring you directly into contact with the flows, the wisdom and the potentials of your Soul.
You will be able to experience many aspects of your Uniqueness, such as intuitive communication, body intelligence, instant reception, organization of energy in a coherent way and openness to new colors of expression.
The old body model is based on lack of responsibility and mass dynamics.
The book reading integrated with the audio sessions will allow you to make a Jump in the New Model of Royalty, Multiplicity, Fullness and Prosperity.

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