Titolo: “Angel” (English edition)
Sottotitolo: Even angel fall in love
Autore: Cristina Garavaglia
Prima Edizione: Aprile 2015
Genere: In altre lingue
Numero di Collana: 1

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“Angel” is the tale of a gentle and poetic love story, a subtle and timeless dialogue between a woman and her guardian angel, which becomes a metaphor for the constant communication existing between the world of reality and that of the spirit every moment of every day.Two compared visions coming together to create a contemporary image of everyday life and its infinite possibilities and to give the reader an insight on the deep mystery of life that moves us all.Are you ready to fly hand in hand with an angel? You will feel his perceptions, you will know his thoughts and even his passions… Yes, because even angels fall in love, but a Love with a capital L!With an unexpected conclusion, “Angel” will keep you glued to its pages till the end.