Titolo: A caress for the Soul
Sottotitolo: Love and wisdom from the guides to manifest your own essence
Autore: Bruno Scattolin
Prima Edizione: 20 febbraio 2020
Genere: In altre lingue
Numero di Collana:

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This book is a true caress for the soul. It is a book of spiritual messages which are the result of a friendship between a Man and his Divine aspect.
It is an intimate and deep dialogue between two friends, friends always.
What is Life? What is its aim and how can we live it at its best? What is freedom? Who is the Creator? What does it mean “to Be”? And Love? How can we allow this force to lead us? Beyond time and space, a Man and a Voice speak of life as seen from two different perspectives.
These are old ideas and, somehow, also new. They are told with the fresh words of our time. As we listen to them our consciousness expands inspiring us to see a little more beyond, beyond the walls of our certainties, along the path leading to the true essence.
This is where this book brings us, to the most intimate revelation of ourselves. And it does it with love, and yet it does it calling “a spade a spade”, using a simple language, easy to understand.
It is a book to keep nearby all the time, to read again and again. It will be like finding an old friend and meeting him will bring peace and joy to your heart. So, don’t be surprised if, while reading it, you will feel a caress in your soul…